Logo Laboratorios Sesderma - Sesderma TV1

Sesderma is a laboratory which pioneers in integral dermatological solutions and the application of nanotechnology in dermo-cosmetic product development.

Logo Mediderma Professional Care - Sesderma TV

Founded 25 years ago, Mediderma puts on the market, a range of different professional use and sanitary skin care products, designed for use by skin care specialists.

Logo Clínica Dermatológica Gabriel Serrano - Sesderma TV

40 years experience and has treated more than 30,000 patients, guaranteeing the quality of the clinical and aesthetic dermatological experience, providing highly personalized solutions for every type of skin.

Logo Covid Center - Sesderma TV

Pioneer centres focused exclusively on the diagnosis of Covid-19 and the therapeutic and multidisciplinary care of patients with this illness.

Logo Centro Wellness - Sesderma TV

Your first choice aesthetics center, where all your skin needs are listened to and taken care of. We offer personalized treatments to ensure your health and wellness.

Sesderma Bali Foundation1

Dr. Serrano created the Sesderma Bali Foundation dedicated to supporting women at risk of social exclusion.